Monday, December 30, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - iVenture Hong Kong Flexi Attractions Pass

I managed to save up a lot for my Hong Kong trip. Our AirAsia tickets were bought during point redemption period, so, we only had to pay airport taxes and fuel surcharges. Expenses on accommodation and transportation were greatly reduced with the promotions we saw through Internet. Even with all the activities we had like Hong Kong Disneyland, Sky100, Peak tram and Lamma Fisherfolk's Village, it was done with low prices thanks to iVenture Card.

360 degree view from Sky100

My friend told me about this great package called iVenture Card, a smart card that offers the best deals to tourist destinations all over the world. With this card, you can have free accesses to some of the famous attractions. Hong Kong is one of the cities where iVenture Card has offers in. You have the flexibility of choosing what you want to do and when you want to do it. Depending on which packages you choose, you will have a wide range of activities and tourist attactions to go to.

Lamma Island is one of the attractions in the list

Hong Kong Flexi Attractions Pass is the one we took. We got to choose 4 attractions out of its selection for us to do throughout our 4 days in Hong Kong. At the price of HK$ 430 (RM 172) for adult and HK$ 310 (RM 124) for child, I do believe it is a good deal. You can click here to see the list of attractions included in the package.

Besides free entrances to your selected attractions, there are also extra offers for you to enjoy. For example, you can have a HK$ 20 discount off your Madame Tussauds entrance fee when you are at The Peak. There are also Disneyland Hong Kong Combo and Ocean Park Hong Kong Combo where you can save HK$ 30 off for the entrance fees of these theme parks. If you plan to go to Macau, you can take the Hong Kong & Macau Flexi Attractions Pass which allows you to choose 7 attractions out of its list in these 2 countries.

HK$ 30 cheaper for Disneyland Hong Kong through iVenture Card

Once you bought it through the website, you can go to the following places to collect your card; Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1, New Mandarin Plaza and Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong and Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal and Largo da Torre de Macau in Macau. Overall, iVenture Card is a good investment to your travel budget provided the choices are the places you plan to visit.

Besides Hong Kong and Macau, there are iVenture Card for cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Tasmania in Australia, Durban in South Africa, and Singapore.


  1. Seriously my friend, I never heard of this iVenture Card before but after reading this post of yours, I got roughly idea about it. Great! Can use for my upcoming trips for next year, perhaps. Happy New Year to you, Jeff! Wish you can travel endlessly and happily =)

  2. If my friend didn't tell me about this, chances are I too will not know it...but it can be quite a money saver...

    happy new year to you, Diana!

  3. Hi. I was also thinking of getting iVenture but reading some reviews saying that it is not as easy to claim/exchange vouchers for the attraction, I'm having second thoughts about getting the iVenture.

    Was it easy to use? Do you just go to one of the three collection points and get everything you need? Like tickets for the Big Bus tour, The Peak, Madame Tussaud's? There's also a review that says you cannot skip queues at the attractions, you still have to line up at the ticket booth at Ngong Ping and then join the queue to ride the cable car.