Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - Central (中环)

As mentioned earlier, the last day of this Hong Kong trip was dedicated to shopping. We decided to just walk around in Central for the whole day, exploring what the district has to offer.

Chinese New Year decoration in Time Square

My friend's surname is here, as a road name...wonders if they're related?

We split up so that each and everyone of us got to see what we wanted to see. I myself went around for an hour or so either window shopping or shopping before going food hunting instead. I can't really spend the whole day shopping.

Typical Hong Kong scene

Popular snack, red bean steamed pudding or put chai gou (砵仔糕)

I was led to Kampung Boy City Gal's Hong Kong food guide when I was doing researches on famous food joints. Quite a number of them are in the Central district so I ended up visiting 2 of them. Looking at the list, I regretted not making a trip to Starbucks at Duddell Street as I stumbled upon photos of the branch and it is so atmospheric, resembling a cha chan teng.

1. Mak's Noodle Ltd (麥奀云吞面世家)

There was a long line waiting outside when I had found the restaurant. When I finally was seated, sharing table with a couple, I ordered a bowl of wan tan noodle, their specialty. I can understand the popularity of this restaurant for the noodle is indeed very delicious. The noodle itself is chewy while the soup is flavorful. As for the wan tan, it was wrapped with succulent prawns. 

The restaurant constantly crowded with people

Non stop cooking

Worth the HK$ 33, which is about RM 13.20. Definitely the priciest wan tan noodle I had in my life. As for the service, do not expect anything pleasant and it's best to leave the place after you had your noodles. Address is as followed; G/F, 77, Wellington Street, Central.

2. Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌餅家) 

Another food joint with long queue, this time, it's for egg tarts. Again, I lined up for it and bought myself half a dozen of egg tarts. These egg tarts are best eaten hot, right out from the oven. 

Tai Cheong Bakery

The egg paste is smooth and sweet while the pastry skin soft, a perfect combination. Their egg tarts are priced at HK$ 6 (about RM 2.40) per piece, slightly expensive from other lesser known but equally delicious bakeries. 

Fresh from the oven

I remembered 2 Koreans came over and asked for direction towards this Tai Cheong Bakery. I guess this shop is not to be taken lightly.

Before I met up with them, I continued to explore Central. Most of the roads here are steep, hence, there is the Mid-Levels Escalator to help you out. I find this totally unique, to see a working escalator out in the open and not inside any building.

Mid-Levels Escalator

Hong Kong's streets are always crowded with peoples

When everyone was happy with their shopping outcomes, it was time to board the Airport Express from Hong Kong Station. Overall, a fulfilling winter adventure in Hong Kong.



  1. Egg tart dia nampak banyak sedap woooo..

  2. memang pun but can easily find egg tarts yang sedap kat HK...

  3. Awesome post, Jeff! I've also tried Mak's Noodles & written a post some time ago. It's pricey, but definitely worth visiting :)

    Came over from Diana Diane Teo's blog. Congrats on being the top 2 commenter there! I'm following you at Twitter (blackswanst) & would love to have you follow me too. Happy 2014, & looking fwd to sharing!

  4. Shirley, I guess it worth trying at least once. Thanks for following me and I did follow you already in Twitter. Diana is really generous to her readers.