Friday, June 27, 2014

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 - Pasar Karat Memory Lane, Ipoh

To support Visit Malaysia Year 2014, I will be writing on various tourist attractions in the country. Let us work together to bring in tourists to our lovely Malaysia.


Another city, another morning market. This time around, it's the antique flea market in Ipoh. Affectionately known as the Ipoh Memory Lane, this is the place to be in Sunday morning if you want to be immersed within the crowd. 

Welcome to Memory Lane Ipoh

Located along Jalan Horley, right besides The Store supermarket, it might be hard to find some conventional items to buy but if unconventional is what you are looking for, this is definitely where you should be. From secondhand electronic goods to shirts of questionable origins, stamps to minted old notes and coins, ancient plastic toys to antique furnitures, you can find these and many more in this market.



Some of the antiques and old treasure troves you can find here

Just like the Sunday market in Kota Kinabalu, the road is closed off from vehicles early in the morning untill around noon to make ways for these hawker stalls to open. Between the two morning markets, the items in Kota Kinabalu are more varied compared to this flea market. Yet, you should not brush it off especially so if antique items are what you are looking for. You might find some great bargain here in this Sunday market.

People watching is also a good activity here in the flea market
Info Box

Pasar Karat Memory Lane,
Jalan Horley, Ipoh, Perak.
The market opens from early morning to about 2 p.m. every Sunday.

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