Monday, October 14, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - The Peak

2013 commenced with another trip to Hong Kong, this time, with my friend and both our sisters. We reached Hong Kong International Airport at about 1 p.m. and after all the necessities (going through immigration, collecting luggage, having lunch), we took their airport express to get to the city. I managed to find a perfect deal to solve our transportation issue for our 4 days 3 nights trip with the Airport Express Travel Pass packages. With this pass, we can have unlimited use of its Mass Transit Rail (MTR) for 3 consecutive days.

Hong Kong's colonial buildings are reminders of the British's heydays

We alighted at Fortress Hill Station and went to check-in at our hostel, YesInn. Again, it is my second time staying at this hostel and I have nothing but good words for it. When everything had been settled, we began our activities for the day and the first stop was The Peak. Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, there was a huge crowd all waiting to embark on the tram to ascend up to The Peak. At the top of Victoria Peak is where you can have one of the best views of Hong Kong skyline and the Sky Terrace on The Peak is just the place to be. It took us a good hour plus to finally on board the peak tram and reached the destination. 

Just look at the long line!

People were actually pushing to enter the tram...

At The Peak is where the famous Madame Toussaud's wax museum located and since I had already been there myself the first time, I didn't feel like going in again. So, my sister followed my friends into the attraction while I went up to the Sky Terrace, where they will join me after the wax museum. 

Still captivating, always

My sister and I

The night view of Hong Kong skyline is still pretty much the same from 2 years back and remains breath-taking. The only difference between this visit and my first time was that it was winter at the moment while my first visit was in summer. Winter in Hong Kong is not like those in the European countries where you will see snow falling from the sky. There is no snow here in Hong Kong but that doesn't mean it is not cold, especially so when at the top of The Peak. You will definitely need a good, thick coat to protect yourself from the chilly wind.

Another hour plus on lining up

When they finished touring the museum, the 3 of them came up and joined me at Sky Terrace, taking photos non stop. When our photo lusts were satisfied, we went back down and explored the complex before heading back down via peak tram. Just like how it was crowded coming up, the same was with going back down. Another hour was spent on queuing before boarding and it was already 11 p.m. by then. And we were still have yet to have our dinner


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Airport Express Travel Pass is a good deal for those who are flying to Hong Kong via Hong Kong International Airport and are planning to stay for around 3 days. With just HKD 220 for one way airport express and HKD 300 for two ways, it also includes unlimited usage of the MTR, Light Rail and MTR Bus for 3 consecutive days (counting starts from the first MTR journey and lasts for 72 hours plus any additional hours until the end of the last day). The Pass can be kept as a souvenir at the end of the trip or returned back at any MTR Customer Service Centre for HKD 50 refund. This package is strictly for tourists only. For more information, visit the MTR website.


  1. Love The Peak! I wanna go Hong Kong again especially during the colder months! This Yes Inn hostel - what is good about it? Are you going to blog about it? I'm looking for a good, clean accommodation in HK with reasonable prices : )

  2. Bro, is Yes Inn cheap? My friend is going to HK and is looking a for a cheap accommodation. And how cold is winter in HK? Looks like very cold, looking at the thick jacket u were wearing. Heheh

  3. foongpc: It's affordable and decent, something I think is quite rare to find in Hong Kong..I'll blog about it in coming posts...

    khai: I think you can find a much cheaper one if you are solo traveler but, say, if you are going in a group of 4, I think Yes Inn is indeed rather cheap...winter in Hong Kong is more or less like Genting but much colder at night and I bought that jacket with no idea of when to use it, so when I planned to go Hong Kong, it was indeed handy...

  4. My friend is going with her friends.. so I will suggest Yes Inn to her. hehe. Thanks brooo!!!

  5. I'll send you the link once I'm done with the post...within this week I believe...

  6. wahhh..very timely publication of your trip to victoria peak and also the info for the 3 day pass for MTR~ thanks for the advice~I will be going there for new year countdown~