Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hong Kong (香港) - Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum

The flight had landed in Macau International Airport. There's a speed boat waiting for departure the moment we reached Taipa International Jetty. An hour later, we were queuing up for the immigration process. A quick bit of having lunch (McDonald's), walking and taking public transportation, we were at our hostel room near Fotress Hill. Luggages dumped and off we went to The Peak where the famous Madame Tussauds' and the night view of Hong Kong can be seen from the top.

That's the weather most of the time during our trip

MTR ticket

The room

We took the city tram to try to reach the place and were lost for a while as we were not familiar with the routes these trams were taking but we did end up at the right place. The ride to the The Peak itself was fun as we took the peak tram up the hill. You can see the whole island of Hong Kong while ascending up the hill.

City tram or 叮叮 (ding ding)

Inside 叮叮

The view from 叮叮

Peak tram

We entered the wax museum and thus began the paparazzi mode on the galore of celebrities available inside the complex. Famous celebrities from both East and West part of the world occupied all the space, demanding your attentions every second. Just to give a few names away; Nicole Kidman, Michelle Yeoh, Meryl Streeps, Cecilia Cheung, and many more. Actors, singers, politicians, footballers, athletes; anyone whose names bear any fame to it can be found in here, immortalized with wax. I'm definitely dizzy with so many bright stars shining its lights on me.

More pictures after the jump!

With the Hollywood royal couple

My favourite leading lady

With home grown screen lady
Robert "Edward" Pattinson

Hong Kong's singer, Leo Ku
Princess Diana

Former President of America, Bill Clinton

There is a side attraction inside Madame Tussauds' wax museum and it is SCREAM, a house of horror of sort. You walk in in a group of ten, if I remembered correctly, and prepare yourselves to be scared shitless. SCREAM you will!


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  1. Oh gosh, the mtl card remind me that i stuck in the mtl station that night! and now i owned 2 never use before mtl card in my wallet.

  2. How come you got stuck in the station? My friends and I were separated in MTR station during our last day at HK which eventually OK la...