Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠华餐厅)

Cha chan teng (茶餐厅) is an establishment of Hong Kong, part of every Hongkie's life. Like our kopitiam, a visit to the city island is not complete without a stop at one of the many cha chan tengs. Almost all cha chan teng opens till late at night, serving as a food joint for those who work overtime or just looking for late night snacks. And a perfect restaurant for us hungry tourists caught in a long queue descent from The Peak.

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Tsui Wah Restaurant is definitely among the famous ones in the island. With several branches scattered across Hong Kong, it definitely not that hard to look it out and we went to the one nearest to us, in Central. It was about 11 p.m. when we reached the restaurant, a late dinner we were having. The crowd was thin but what do you expect at this hour?

At least it's not deserted

We made our orders to the surly waiter, something we kept seeing throughout the trip. Well, the islanders are not known for their well manners, anyway. The meals we had were nothing to shout about and were rather pricey. The milk tea was bland, something that even the adorable cup cannot compensate for. The noodles were dry and a bit tasteless, according to my friend and his sister.

Milk tea (奶茶)

King Prawn in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodle

Stirred Noodle with Shrimp and Szechuan Chili Sauce

Luckily, I find the one I ordered (noodle in fish soup) was flavourful, albeit a tad too peppery. As for the pork chop bun, a simple delicacy that fulfilled its purposes of filling our stomachs.

Fish Balls and Fish Cakes with Rice Noodles in Fish Soup

Crispy Pork Chop Bun with French Fries

I can't remember how the crispy bun with sweet condensed milk tasted. A spark in your mouth? Delightful? Nothing special? No, nothing in my mind. Maybe that is the answer itself.

Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk 

Prices (subject to change)

King Prawn in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodle - HKD 50
Stirred Noodle with Shrimp and Szechuan Chilli Sauce - HKD 50
Fish Balls and Fish Cakes with Rice Noodles in Fish Soup - HKD 32
Crispy Pork Chop Bun with French Fries - HKD 33
Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk - HKD 16
Milk Tea - HKD 16 (hot), HKD 18 (cold)


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There are a total of 25 branches all over Hong Kong. Hence, it is not hard to find one nearest to your location. The one that we went to is located at Wellington Street, Central which opens 24 hours. To look up for its branches and operation hours, go to this website


  1. well introduction on HK food ^^

  2. To be frank, most of the Hong Kong foods recommended by magazines, bloggers, media are actually over-rated and taste so-so only. So when I was there, I opt for other restaurants instead.

  3. the price not that bad wor..just like Tokyo..but the milk tea price is a little too overprice..shall put this place in my list for HK.
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  4. Jay Lee: Tsui Wah is indeed a good introduction to Hong Kong cuisine...

    Diana: I won't recommend this place if you're looking for good food but I do think the wan tan mee shop in Central is really good...

    hcworld of travels and photography: indeed that milk tea is very pricey,,,

  5. not exactly mouth watering goodness but when you're hungry, everything is yummy...