Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - Lamma Fisherfolk's Village (渔民文化村)

There is more to Hong Kong than the glitzy glamour of skyscrapers and high rise buildings. Tradition is well-preserved in this metropolitan city and one of the best places to have a glimpse of its fishing past is through Lamma Fisherfolk's Village. Located at Sok Kwu Wan in Lamma Island, a 30 minutes plus ferry ride from Central Pier, this charming fishing village is like a whole new world compared to the modernistic setting we often associated to Hong Kong.

Jetty to Lamma Island

Our ferry ride

We departed at 11.50 a.m. ferry after missing out the 10.20 a.m. and upon reaching the island, we were just amazed at the simplistic atmosphere of the whole island. There are many seafood restaurants along the main street that we were having trouble choosing one for lunch after our whole experience at Lamma Fisherfolk's Village. More on that later.

Such a simple way of naming the street

Entrance ticket to Lamma Fisherfolk's Village

We secured our entrance tickets at the booth along the main street only to return to the Sok Kwu Wan Public Pier 1 to take a short boat ride to the village. Lamma Fisherfolk's Village is like an educational theme park where we were shown around the traditional lifestyle of these fishermen.

Salted fish were being dried

We were first given a tour around the place and the fishes that were being bred. Our tour guide, Ming Gor, was an affable man, sharing with us the history of the fishing industry in Hong Kong as well as the adventures he had when he himself was sailing around as a fisherman. He also pointed out information on the fishes on showcase, letting us touch some of them like puffer fish and starfish.

Adorable puffer fish

Baby starfish, no bigger than the Honey Star cereal

We were also taken to the fishing junk rested besides the village and given a tour on the way of life of those fishermen in the junk. The fishing junk can house a whole family as there are rooms inside the boat for them to sleep in. You will be amazed listening to these traditional ways of living coming out from Ming Gor's mouth.

Traditional fishing junk

You can raise the sail

Inside of the fishing junk

After the tour on the junk boat, we then proceeded to try our hands on the hookless fishing. There was no hook used to catch the fish. Rather, at the end of the fishing rod, a loop was used to first tie the bait (a small fish) and when the prey bit it, you have to pull it up, using the bait itself as a makeshift hook, in a sense. I think I might have lost you here but you just have to try it to believe it.

Hookless fishing

Overall, Lamma Fisherfolk's Village proves to be an unique way of experiencing Hong Kong other than the usual shopping sprees. If you have an empty slot in your itinerary, consider going to the Lamma Fisherfolk's Village. 


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There are 2 types of tickets available for Lamma Fisherfolk's Village; Premium Ticket (adult HK$ 98 or RM 39, child & senior HK$ 78 or RM 31) and Full-Day Ticket (adult HK$ 60 or RM 24, child & senior HK$ 50 or RM 20). Premium package includes 5 village game tickets, 10% discount card on souvenirs, a portion of fishermen's snacks, entrance passes for all exhibitions and shuttle service for Sok Kwu Wan Public Pier to the village whereas full-day ticket includes entrance passes on all exhibitions and shuttle service. Operation hour is from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. For more information on Lamma Fisherfolk's Village, check out their website. As for the ferry schedule to Sok Kwu Wan, click here for Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry's timetable and here for Chuen Kee Ferry's timetable.


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