Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - Tai Yuen Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant (泰苑鱼翅海鲜酒家)

After we finished touring around Lamma Fisherfolk's Village, we went back to Lamma Island and decided to have a late seafood lunch (it was about 2ish to 3, I believe). As I mentioned earlier, there are many seafood restaurants along the main street and each one of them are vying to have you as their customers.

Tai Yuen Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant

We surveyed the choices and came to a conclusion; all the restaurants were more or less the same. These restaurants are well-versed with us tourists crowds and have prepared numerous set meals for us to choose from. These set meals cater to various numbers of peoples with minimal differences between them in term of prices and dishes. Most of it consists of chicken, prawns, vegetables, fish, clams, and so on. In a way, it does make it easier to decide.

View from the restaurant

Tai Yuen Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant was our choice after much deliberates on the dishes. Despite the name, we did not order any shark's fin. In fact, we were not sure if their signature dish was shark's fin related. Anyhow, our set of four persons arrived in no time after we ordered. Too be frank, I again forgot much how the food tasted like except the clams in black bean sauce which tasted rather nice, if I remembered correctly. Well, I'm writing about my Hong Kong trip happened back in January now in December.

Fried calamari




Clams in black bean sauce


Fried rice

The whole lunch inclusive of drinks (selections of local beers or canned beverages) cost us HK$ 398 (about RM 159 for 4). I strongly believe you can have these seafood here in Malaysia in a lower price with fresher seafoods. After the meal, we departed the island, taking the 4.05 p.m. ferry ride.



  1. HK$ 398 for 7 dishes are consider affordable and cheap. Got prawns and scallops some more.

  2. oh ho i like all the food u have in Hong Kong for this time :D
    calamari, prawns, vege, fishball and the fried rice.. plus it 159 for 4 people.. not bad.. !!!

  3. Diana: I do think it's an affordable price, especially in Hong Kong, but I do believe you can do it better when in Malaysia..

    Afif: All these foods are standard set meals that almost every restaurants along the street offer the same dishes...