Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hong Kong (香港) - Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck (天际100)

Hong Kong boasts with one of the most magnificent night views that I have ever seen. That may not be saying much considering the rather limited countries I have been to but I doubt I'll change my opinions even after trotting around the world. You can admire the cityscape almost from every angles available.

International Commerce Centre right in the middle

If there's a list of top 5 best spots to experience Hong Kong's night views, Sky100 would definitely be in it along with The Peak and Star Avenue and it was our destination after Lamma Island. Located at the 100th floor of the Hong Kong's tallest building, International Commerce Centre (ICC), Sky100 is an indoor observation deck that gives off a 360 degree view of city island. Conveniently, Sky100 is just 2 floors below the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Hotel, which is inside the skyscraper as well, so you can go for a cocktail drink at the world's highest bar after that.


Using the high speed elevator to reach the observation deck in just 60 seconds, you will be amazed by the breathtaking views the deck has to offer. You can see all of Hong Kong beautifully lighted up by simply touring the place. There is no area hidden from your view. Telescopes are scattered across the observation deck to give you a better view of the landscape.

Some of the views from Sky100

The reflection of the window gave off a unique picture

The best camwhoring session

There are souvenirs shop for you to do your shopping if you want. Information of Hong Kong and the local's lifestyle are plastered on the wall for a more detailed experience.

Sculptures of Hong Kong's icons

It was definitely a good place to be for a 360 degree view of Hong Kong.


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ICC is located Austin Road West, Kowloon. To reach the building, just to the MTR to Kowloon Station, Exit C. The entrance is located in second floor on Metal Zone, Elements, a shopping complex. Ticket prices are as followed: HK$ 168 (RM 67.20) for adult and HK$ 118 (RM 47.20) for child and senior citizen. For more information, visit their website here.


  1. My bf told me about this skyscraper but then I told him next time baru visit lah xP... Those sculptures are so cute and adorable. I guess one of them look like Bruce Lee...

  2. Haha, don't worry too much,Sky100 won't run away one...
    I think the green one is ding ding, yellow one is bruce lee and orange/red one is cha chan teng..

  3. Sky100 may not run away but the entrance fee might be different later. Hahaha

  4. I just want to hug all the Hong Kong icon ... it so cute :D

  5. Hi Jeff, this place really looks nice. As shown in your photos, there seem to be lesser people, I wonder if this place is packed with tourists?