Monday, August 27, 2012

Singapore - Chunks of Family Dramas

My recent trip to Singapore with my family has been nothing short of memorable experiences and first times. The first time I was constantly in agitated mood while on vacation. The first time I felt relieved and happy that the trip was over. The first time having a heated discussion in public, in a foreign soil no less. In short, one hell of a trip it was.

Bugis Junction, a shopping district

The main reason for such an adventure is that there is little plan as to what to do when in Singapore. They did not do any research on what they want to do, where they want to go, and so on. They just pushed all the planning to me. Not that I mind doing that but the truth about my family is that none of them are the easygoing kind. They are not the “whatever, up to you.” sort of people.

Singapore's waterfront view
With such a sort period of time, I ruled out Universal Studio Singapore from the itinerary (the fact that it was not cheap factored in as well) and opted for some city self tour. But they did not go well with the weather which was a typical sunny day of Southeast Asia (this crossed out Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, and so on) and they can’t walk much (again, scratched off zoo and any city tour). Shopping bored them and they kept complaining about wanting to go to those famous tourist attractions in the island. I mean, shopping IS one of the main tourist attractions in the country.

The latest attraction, Garden by the Bay

Indeed, it was such a tense trip and everyone was not in their best selves, especially my parents. Their faces were as if they had eaten sour lemons, no excitement whatsoever, just contortion of misery. Travelling is indeed a painful business when with my family. Luckily, this was not my maiden voyage to the neighbour country. My first visit was end of last year with a bunch of good friends, sharing similar interests, enjoying each other’s companion. We watched Wicked!, we shopped, we enjoyed art exhibitions, wecity-toured, we ate; those were the memories that defined Singapore for me. 

Clarke Quay
This, I hope it will not give me any nightmares, that’s all. 

Me and my baby sister



  1. Haha! I can understand your problem. It's not just family members. Sometimes friends too. I prefer to travel alone most of the time, but going with another friend is OK also as long as we agree on the same thing. Going in a group is a huge headache for me and I always try to avoid that : )

  2. It long as everyone is OK and give their own opinions, I'm OK...and I'm perfectly OK to split into smaller groups and explore the places on our own if there are many point all of us tagging along if not everyone is interested...

  3. u poor thing....
    i wonder wat attracted them to go sg is nothing appealed to them.

  4. All these happened due to lack of planning and not knowing what you want...