Friday, February 17, 2012

Singapore - Christmas Decorations in Orchard Road

Besides Wicked the Musical, another reason why we wanted to go to Singapore during this festive month is to witness for ourselves how Singapore was transformed from an urban landscape to a winter wonderland minus the coldness. Singaporeans are really into Christmas celebrations and even though we were not really there during the big day itself, we were really into the mood of celebration.

As we had enjoyed our wonderful meals in Marche Restaurant (thanks for the treat!), we were on our ways to the next and properly the last stop for the night, The Grand Hyatt Hotel. As we were walking towards our destination, we were mesmerized by the Christmas decorations that garnished the streets of Singapore. However, while for those of us who lived in Malaysia were amazed by it, two of our friends who have been residing in the city for quite some time, said that the decorations for the year were downsized. The decorations for the previous year were better and grander. Be it as it may, we were still delighted by the Christmas decoration showcase.

Some of the Christmas decorations we saw...

 We reached the Grand Hyatt Hotel where we were all set for some chilling and relaxing moments. A glass of cocktail with the company of close friends, it was a night to remember.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

A toast to a good night!


Sharing is caring. A piece of information and a word of advice.

While you do not have to be a guest to go for a drink or two at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, you do have to follow their dress codes. Bear in mind that if you want to enjoy yourself in the bar at the hotel, remember not to wear shorts for it is not allowed. It happened to me but luckily, I made some purchases during the shopping spree and have to go change the bottoms. I'll take it as a lesson, to always dress for the occasion.


  1. Happy Belated Merry Christmas LMAO that is like 2 months ago >.<

  2. Haha...I know! But, I've been busy and lazy at the same time, so wasn't able to update my blog in time with the festival...