Saturday, February 11, 2012

Singapore - Orchard Road and Marche Restaurant

Consumerism is a big business in Singapore. Just look at the parades of shopping malls lining up along the streets of Singapore. However, when it comes to Singapore, there is not an iconic a name as Orchard Road, where all the possible brands are made available along the road. Therefore, a trip to Singapore is never complete without a visit to the famous street. Or shopping, for that matter.

Ion Orchard, one of the many complexes we went into

We made our visits to the landmark road after the brief tour to Universal Studio. It was easily accessible with the help of the ever reliable MTR. You just stop at the Orchard station and ta-da, you are at the underground pass connecting you to all the malls out there. Ion Orchard, 313@Somerset; all these can be accessed through underground pass. You do not have to brace the temperate weather Malaysia and Singapore are famous for to go to another mall. And that was basically what we did for the whole afternoon. Malls after malls, shop till our wallets dropped.

Marche restaurant at 313@Somerset

Shopping may be fun, but it was the food at Marche for dinner that truly stuck out the most. I still remembered the fantastic rosti or the crunchiness of the succulent pork knuckle. I even finally had a taste of what I considered an authentic paella there. All of the food were simply fabulous and nothing but high praises for the restaurant. I even recommended it on News Strait Times. More photos after the jump.

They prepared their foods on the spot!

The delicious rosti

Spanish paella

Crunchy and juicy pork knuckle

Creamy spaghetti

Non-alcoholic ginger beer

The shopping had been fun but the dinner was simply outstanding. We were paying for the foods as well as the ambience and the environment. Be well prepared to queue up as the line can stretch quite long but rest assured, the wait is worth it. I will definitely go again the next time I'm in Singapore.



  1. I love Marche, I miss Singapore though i dislike the place la la la

  2. first visit so not much comment...but quite enjoyable though for me...

  3. will try marche, tom! thanks for sharing

    followed you through GFC