Sunday, January 15, 2012

Singapore - Wicked the Musical

Here I am, listening to the Wicked soundtrack on my laptop while writing this entry on the fantastic night we had at the Grand Theatre Marina Bay Sands. This is the sole reason as to why all of us came to Singapore in the first place and it remained the best part of the trip, undefeated. As since this was the main attraction for us, I thought, why not recount back my Singapore trip with the best part of it first?

Wicked the Musical was and still is being staged here in Singapore and it was some sort of dream came true thing for us since we had been wanting to watch it after first getting hooked to the songs few years back. While we cannot watch the original cast of the Broadway production (starring the power duo of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth who you might know in Glee as Shelby and April Rhodes), the Australian cast that we went to see did an outstanding performance that truly worth all the money we spent on it.

Ticket to the greatest musical I ever watched!

We were dressed to the nines (in our formal wears) to give off the impression that we were some important guests for some functions or events. Important guests, I doubt we were, but the musical is definitely one grand thing. Our group was divided into two places in the theatre as three of us were willing to spend more to take the front seat and have a better viewing. The rest were at two floors up the theatre.

We still had time to take some photos before meeting up...

For those who had yet to hear of Wicked, well, this is the story of The Wizard of Oz told through the perspectives of the two witches of polar opposite natures. It is also friendship between these two different witches, one blonde and one unusuallyandexceedinglypeculiarandalltogetherquiteimpossibletodescribe, and how they overcame their initial loathing of each other and became the person that holds the greatest influences on them.

From the point of view of Dorothy, we knew that the wicked witch of the west is evil to the core, but what if the witch is nothing but a misunderstood woman who has the same desires with everyone else? This musical, which is based on the book of the same title by Gregory McGuire, explores the whole incident through the views of both Glinda the Good and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, back to how they became who they are in the story.

I’m not going to write any more about the story for fear that I might spoil it but suffice to say, I am definitely in love with this musical and will definitely go for another round of the show, maybe in the Gershwin Theatre in New York. Throughout the show, I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, mouthing the lyrics (I'm warned not to sing along). I thought I was in some heaven! Here are some photos I managed to snap from inside the theatre before being told no photography allowed.

Inside the theatre..look at the crowd

And the amazing dragon clock! 

Cam-whoring after the end of it...



  1. Oh wicked, how i miss thee

  2. Lucky you! I've been really wanting to watch this, but unfortunately can't. Wish they had come to KL. I'm currently reading "Son of a Witch", if you enjoyed "Wicked", you will like this book.

  3. audrey: me too!!!

    jothi: you should go there to watch it. it's still on, if i'm right. worth every penny...

  4. How I miss thee as well. I need to go to New York. It'll be so fabulous to watch it at the Gershwin.

    And yeah it's still for March are on sale now.

  5. kpy, eventually we will save enough to go day...

  6. If you’re sure you’ll have good wicked tickets, then see Wicked again. Seeing it when you can see the stage is even more amazing. Plus the story itself was awesome

  7. I wish I saw the musical! I've read the book and it was brilliant - I highly reccommend. Also the 2nd: Son of a Witch, 3rd: A Lion Among Men and 4th: Out of Oz were brilliant as well!

    Also if you want to read some of my own writing go to my site at

  8. My father and I are surprising my mother and driving her to Chicago for her 50th birthday. The surprise is that we We spent just $205 for tix ..Really Do not miss it , especially with parents .. I would go again in a heart beat.

  9. I too love this musical! Wicked is my fave musical ever! I just love it.. See it and LOVE it. It is very different. Stay in the center or as far into the center as you can. Even though far over wicked tickets may not be "unsighted", there is a lot going on on stage.

  10. I do so love this show. I finally saw it when it came through town on New Year’s Eve 2010 . Love, love. love.