Sunday, January 8, 2012

Singapore - Train Ride to the Lion City

It was late at night, about 9.30pm. Normally, I would be in my room, watching whatever series I'm following at the moment. But, not tonight. Tonight, I'm out on the KTM on my way to KL Sentral to meet up with the rest of the gangs for our trip to Singapore. We were to take the night train, reaching there about 7am the next day.

For some of us, Singapore is close to being their second country. For me, it was my maiden trip to the Lion City. Even it was just a bridge apart, I had never step my foot on Singapore's soil until now and it was all thanks to Wicked.

The sleeping capsule

11pm and we were all by our capsule-like beds. The train had been picking up speed as we chatted away. Tiredness were all over our faces as all of us (except a certain person) were working on that day itself. Not too soon, we were all sleeping amidst the slight bumpy ride.


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Train rides from KL Sentral to Singapore are quite frequent, with the latest time being 11pm. It takes about 7 hours to reach Woodlands, Singapore. For the seating couch, it is RM 35 per person and for the one with bed, the upper bunk would be RM 40 while the lower one is RM 46.