Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kuching - Sunday Market

Before we went to the Sarawak Museum, that Sunday morning we first made a stop at Sunday market off Jalan Satok, about ten minutes ride on taxi. Apparently, this Sunday market starts around Saturday afternoon and lasts until Sunday afternoon and according to the receptionist of 360xpress as well as the information I can find from the Internet, the market is very huge and it takes hours to actually finish walking the whole place. How true is that, I had no idea for we didn't really manage to explore every corner of the market.

We woke up very late in the morning, about 10am or so if I remembered correctly, as it was too comfortable to sleep. After finishing everything and had our breakfast, you can actually imagine it was about 11 plus to 12pm when we reached there and with the blazing weather we have here in Malaysia, walking around in market at this time of the hour was definitely not a child play. Plus, being with my family who are well known for their datin-ness, suffice to say, after about half an hour, we went to the opposite shopping complex (my sister refused to acknowledge that as one!) just to enjoy the free air-conditional.

However, with that half an hour, at least I got to experience the atmosphere of the Sunday market. Other than what you can normally find in the wet market such as vegetables, fruits, and so on, there are also souvenirs for you to buy as well. Nothing much special with the souvenirs; pretty much cliché items such as key chains and so on. Do remember to scout around first and haggle down the price and never to buy immediately for you might find the same thing at a much cheaper price at another stall.

I guess that's about it with this Kuching trip of mine. Pathetic little trip, isn't it? Kuching, and Sarawak as a whole, has more to offer such as Cultural Village, Mulu National Park, Niah Cave, and so on but all these takes time and money, the former we don't have, the latter my father too stingy to spend. And I think I had enough travelling with my family. They are too money-minded and fussy about pretty much everything. Too expensive, too hot, too this, too that. Headache to my brain. Wait till I'm financially well-off so that I can treat them all (and told them to stop minding the money thing, haha..).


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