Wednesday, January 18, 2012

News Strait Times Savvy Traveller

I just found out that my entry for the NST's Savvy Traveller was selected as the winner for last Thursday paper. I forgot to check the last Thursday's paper to see if I won or not and only remembered to do so today while in the office, staring at empty spaces.

Savvy Traveller is a weekly contest that features your holiday story. All you have to do is just share your holiday adventures in the following five categories: Must Do, Avoid, Good Eats, Top Shops, and Insider Tips. The winning entry will get a 2D/1N stay at the Hydro Hotel in Penang. Guess I'll be heading there soon and stay at a luxurious hotel (I haven't receive any e-mail or call informing me about this so maybe they just send the prize to my home...).

For my Savvy Traveller entry, I wrote about my recent trip to Singapore. I raved about the wonderful Wicked the Musical, the delicious foods they served at Marche and the good base Chinatown served for us throughout the trip. Read more about it here!


  1. OMG we're in the papers???????/ for real !!!!!

  2. I didn't really believe him at first when he told me I was in the

  3. wow~~congrat! the contest is on every week? wanna to try too ! ahaa~

  4. good and congratz...when come here remember to let me knw ya ^^
    i wan see sunset from hydro~~~

  5. aud: let you see the papers tmr...

    chee hoe: thanks thanks...

    kpy: i won't lie one...

    alive: yea, it's a weekly contest...jz click the link to go to the Savvy Traveller site and follow the instruction...

    arsene: sunset from there more beautiful one meh???