Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Singapore - Gardens By the Bay

Everyone in my family agreed that the Singapore trip last August was nothing but a disaster. In fact, there was an unspoken rule in the house that we pretended this dreadful trip did not happen at all and I have no problem adhering to it. There is no holiday that manage to give me a nightmare like this.

The first thing you'll see at the Garden by the Bay

Bridge connecting to the Supertrees

The only thing worth talking about the trip is the fact that we went to Singapore's new attraction, Gardens By the Bay. Located at Marina Bays, this beautiful park is a relief to the eyes from a constant attack of metallic skyscrapers dominating the cityscape. It is a place to relax and slow down the rapid pace of life Singaporeans seem to lead.

OCBC Skywalk where you can go up for a breath-taking view

The main appeal of the park has to be the Supertrees. These man-made trees are the first thing you will notice once you're in the garden and rightly so. At the range of height between 25 to 50 metres, these Supertrees serve more than just to amaze. Their functions include planting, shading, and are the main environmental system to the whole Gardens.

By night time, these Supertrees are the performers of the light and music show. Known as the OCBC Garden Rhapsody, it is something like the Hong Kong's A Symphony of Lights, replacing the skycrapers of Hong Kong with these Supertrees and eliminating the light beams. A good 15 minutes of entertainment. Not to be missed when you are in the island.

All lit up

Not a good shot unfortunately...

The beautiful view of Singapore


  1. I seriously never know about this place even I went Singapore like many times. Next time, this will be in my list.

  2. it's a brand new attraction, launched last year I think...

  3. I just went here last December! Love the place! Unfortunately, I did not stay till night time to catch the light and music show. Still, I really like the place especially the Cloud Forest! : )

  4. we actually left sometimes around 6 for dinner only to come back for the night show...it was lovely...