Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Myanmar - Itinerary

As all my photos are now officially lost, my Brunei/ Labuan trip I made last year will not be heavily blogged on. Blog entries without pictures? I'm not that good with words to help you out with the imaginations. However, I will still briefly write about the trip since, I did go to that part of the world.

As of now, I will start with my last trip of 2012, my Myanmar adventure. Had you read the overview of the trip, you will know that I detoured from my initial itinerary. Instead of spending the last 2 days in Yangon, I ended up going to Inle Lake for nothing more than a half day adventure and then took night bus back to Yangon for my flight back Kuala Lumpur. While Yangon is nothing more than a mystery, I managed to get a sneak peak of the famous lake. Those praises are not to be taken lightly.

Before I dig deeper into the trip, let me share with you the schedule of my 5 days/4 nights trip to Myanmar that involved crossing over 3 cities.

Day 1 (14th Dec 2012)

0800 - Arrived Yangon International Airport
         - Went to Aung Mingalar bus terminal to buy bus ticket to Bagan
0930 - Reached downtown Yangon and walked around, looking for hotel room
1030 - Went to Bogyoke Aung San's House
1130 - Went to Scott Market
1300 - Explore the city centre while looking for hotel*
1500 - Took bus to the terminal for my night bus; detoured slightly to Inya Lake
1600 - Took bus to the terminal after Inya Lake
1730 - Reached Aung Mingalar bus terminal
1830 - Bus departed to Bagan

* One of my mistakes was to book the hotel for my stay on the 17th Dec 2012. Ended up wasting USD 28.

Day 2 (15th Dec 2012)

0300 - Reached Bagan and took horse cart to find a hotel
0900 - Explored Bagan by horse cart
1200 - Lunch
1300 - Continued with the horse cart tour
1930 - Dinner
2100 - Back to hotel

Day 3 (16th Dec 2012)

0430 - Woke up for sunrise
0800 - Breakfast
0900 - Cycled to the jetty to see Irrawaddy River
1000 - Went to the wet market
1200 - Lunch
1300 - Cycled around Bagan
1630 - Went back to clean ourselves
1800 - Night bus to Inle Lake

Day 4 (17th Dec 2012)

0300 - Reached Taunggyi and took taxi to Inle Lake
0400 - Found a hotel willing to let us refresh ourselves and crash for a while
0500 - Went out to explore the place
0600 - Breakfast
0730 - Took a boat out to Inle Lake
1230 - Back from the boat trip
1330 - Lunch
1600 - Bus back to Yangon

Day 5 (18th Dec 2012)

0500 - Reached Aung Mingalar bus terminal
0600 - Went to the hotel to refresh myself
0700 - Took taxi to Yangon International Airport
0830 - Flight back to Kuala Lumpur

As you can see, most of the nights I spent on the bus itself. Those night trips were very long, ranging 8 to 14 hours on the road. Luckily for me, I have always been a sound sleeper and can easily sleep anytime, anywhere. Sleeping in the bus is something that I'm accustomed to.

More on my Myanmar trip soon.


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