Thursday, December 20, 2012

Myanmar - Overview

My last trip before the end of 2012 was to Myanmar. It was the only remaining country in Southeast Asia that I have yet to explore or about to explore and when I saw the BIG points redemption from AirAsia, I thought, why not? In a snap, I secured a return ticket to Yangon, Myanmar with just 20 BIG points.

Old colonial buildings are aplenty in Yangon

However, as the days went by and the date got closer, I have this fear inside me that started growing. It was not like this is my first time travelling alone. I did that for the first time for my Vietnam trip this July and also to Brunei just last month. It was the notorious reputation the country had built for itself, what with the lack of human rights and the strict militant government.

Typical street of Yangon

Upon landing, I found my fear to be rather baseless for my 5 day trip was filled with nothing but memories of kindred hearts and friendly faces of the Burmese. They were willing to go on extra length to help you out, making you feel as welcome as possible in their homeland.

Beautiful Burmese boy

I realized I truly enjoyed Myanmar a lot. While I did not spend much time in the country’s largest city, Yangon, as I had originally planned, I did pretty much what I set out in the first place and more. The main attraction to me for the trip was Bagan and true enough, everything in that town was exciting and enchanting to me. A must do while in Bagan? Sunrise and sunset. Breath taking!

What you can expect to see in Bagan

Imagine sunrise and sunset as background to this image!

As to how come I did not explore Yangon as much as I wanted to, it was rather a spontaneous thing that I did. I ended up following a fellow traveler to Inle Lake as I heard nothing but beautiful praises. To be frank, I have no idea where is the lake or what there is to do or see, but, since I was already there, I thought, what the hell? Well, I did not regret heading to Inle Lake, to say the least.

Inle Lake

Fishermen still make a living through the lake

All in all, it was another mind-opening trip for me. More of Myanmar will come, sometimes next year, I think. Stay tune.


Sharing is caring. A word of advice and a piece of information.

Entering Myanmar requires either tourist visa or business visa, depending on the nature of your visit. In order to apply for the tourist visa, you have to provide a photocopy of your passport with at least six months of validity, two recent passport sized photos with white background, a fully filled form which can be obtained at the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar in your country or country nearest to you, and US$30. The tourist visa is valid for a period of 90 days and for a single entry of maximum 30 days only. There are no exemption for visa, even the ASEAN countries. For more information, you should contact the embassy in your country.


  1. I left 3 Asean countries but 2 sooner will be accomplish next year so I left Myanmar. Looking forward for your Myanmar travelogue, Jeff!

  2. You'll be able to finish it very might have to wait for my entries as I have too many trips to write about, just like you...haha

  3. wow..the colonial building is the one which is not I expect to see in Myanmar..

  4. Myanmar used to be under the ruling of British, hence the colonial buildings in Yangon...

  5. Your sharing eased much of my worries about the country. My impulse to visit the country always being deterred by some negative news and information. Well, Bagan is now rise high in my list!

    Ling Shing

  6. I understand what you mean! All the negative presses the country received did nothing but preventing us from visiting this beautiful country. But, once you ignore those negativity, you'll find Myanmar is a lovely country. And yes, Bagan should be on top of your travel list!