Sunday, February 24, 2013

Philippines - Overview

Philippines. The first thing that comes to your mind would be its pristine white beaches. Or, perhaps you might associate it with its chaotic capital, Manila City. At least, that is where most people would go to for their first trips to the country.

Manila Central Post Office at the background

For me, my maiden trip to Philippines has nothing to do with the cityscape and the sun-kissed beaches. Out of my five day trip, I spent less than 6 hours in Manila and barely more than 2 hours on a beach and even that, the beach itself is not the main attraction.

Manila Cathedral, one of the three must see attractions in Intramuros

Manila served as a transit centre in this trip. I have every intention of visiting and exploring Intramuros, the walled city within the capital, and nothing else. Both days (first and last day itself) I was in the city, both times I spent it walking around the heritage ground of Intramuros only.

The Sinking Belltower of Laoag

Ilocos region is where I spent most of my time in. I based myself in Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte, for two nights, visiting those towns scattered around the city like Bangui and Paoay for their unique attractions, the Bangui Windmills and Paoay Church respectively. It was very refreshing to travel in such manner, taking local buses and jeepneys to these quaint towns and cruising through the countryside which offers spectacular views.

The breath-taking scene of Bangui windmills

Another place I went to was the Vigan City. Capital of Ilocos Sur, the main appeal of this city is its well-preserved Spanish colonial houses. Fusion of both western and eastern elements, these mansions are best viewed along Calle Crisologo, widely deemed by the locals as the place to go to for the most well-preserved colonial era buildings in the country. And their sentiments are well supported.

You are being transported back to colonial era in Vigan City

My Philippines trip was indeed memorable, as with most of my adventures. I do believe if you can’t enjoy yourself during the trip, then, why go in the first place? It is nothing but a waste of money. However, something unpleasant will forever be associated to my Philippines holiday which I am still trying to get over it. Let’s bygones be bygones. No point crying over spilt milk.



  1. thumbs up for your trip! feel sorry for your lost things.

  2. im sorry for ur lost. hope u can get ur things back.
    anyways, i went backpacking in ilocos the week before u wer there. nice memories i had there. hope u'l come back to phils and explore the islands, i'll be glad to show u around. looking forward to ur nex post.