Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All My Photos Are Lost, Thanks to Air Asia!

I just came back last Sunday night from my Philippines trip and after a hard tossing of my stuffs, I found out my external hard drive which I brought along with me for the trip, went missing. It was still in the luggage when I checked it in for my flight back but was no longer there anymore after retrieving my bag. Clearly, someone has been rummaging through my bag!

Also missing from my bag were my old phone and few hundreds Ringgit. This is the first time I experience such thing with Air Asia. I already logged in a complaint form and am waiting for their reply. Though doubt will receive any information worth celebrating (unless they told me they found my external), I still want to hear some form of explanation.

All my photos for the past few years were all in my external hard disk and without any backup. All my travel photos, my university years, my family shots, all lost in nowhere. How can I ever trust you again?


  1. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear that. Not just external hardisk, even your old hp and some RM, AirAsia staffs are so terrible and indeed like what I said before, thieves! I doubt that AirAsia will do anything even logged a complaint form. Losing the external hardisk is not a big deal but all the wonderful memories you took is the hardest part. I understand that.

  2. Indeed, the value of the external is nothing compared to the memories stored in it. I learned my lesson and will not check in luggage when it comes to Air Asia.