Friday, October 25, 2013

Ipoh - Burps & Giggles

I was slightly early on purpose as I wanted to give a thorough exploration of the cafe before the meet up. Armed with my faulty Nikon, I began clicking the shutter button, capturing anything that fancied me. Since its opening in August 2012, I've only been in for a total of 3 times, inclusive of this latest venture. Back then, I was based in the capital city and my trips back hometown didn't involve leisure hours in cafes.

If you doesn't look properly, you might have miss it

But the third visit is as good as any to begin taking in its foods and decors. While I have yet to really taste all its offerings, at least I can say that I am very much delighted with its quirky and interesting concept. As for the delicacies, I just tried their cappuccinos twice (mocha on my first visit) and chocolate cheese cake. The former is a standard cup of caffeine while the latter is a subtle taste of goodness.

Berry Berry


Chocolate Cheese Cake

But I wasn't here just to taste the food. I was meeting up with Adam, a fellow blogger who, together will be going to the #TSBreakAway contest organized by Tourism Selangor. Since we were the only 2 participants in Ipoh, why not get to know one another before this coming Saturday? We ate, we chatted, we discussed about the upcoming event. An hour plus later, we left.

Marilyn wishes to see you again

Personally, I quite like the cafe, mostly for its ambiance. While the foods are rather overpriced by Ipoh standard, it will not stop me from coming once in a while, sipping caffeinated drink, with a book to pass the time. Continue reading for photos of its many interesting decorations.

Beer bar

Airy concept

With laid back sofas

These luggage appeal to me most for obvious reason

Where to get one these days?

Mismatched items for decors

Once, in a different gathering held in the same cafe, one of my friends observed that normally, people would not have such quirky concept, using ordinary items as decorations. Therefore, he deducted that the person behind this concept has 'rainbow gene'. How true is that, I have no idea.

You can have al fresco dining at the back alley

Graffiti painted on the wall 

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Burps & Giggles is located at 93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yusuff, 30000 Ipoh, Perak and opens from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., closes on Tuesdays.


  1. I saw many people blogged and reviewed about this cafe lately. So the next time I am going Ipoh, I know what will be in my list =). I love the mural..

  2. when you come to Ipoh, I sure will bring you around these unique cafes...there are many of them appearing in Ipoh...

  3. planning to visit Ipoh next weekend with my mom! where are the picturesque spots and great food stalls here? thank you!