Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cherating - Little Bali (Media Trip 2013)

This trip to Little Bali was an impromptu one. With the end of the theme dinner party, the day was supposed to end as well but we were told that there will be a bus trip to Little Bali, an entertainment outlet we saw the other night while on fireflies cruise, if we were interested. Why not, I thought.

The banner that welcomes you

Little Bali is located along that same stretch of road that we have been frequented to these two days, where Hafiz's Cherating Activities and Limbong Art batik are at. While it looks nothing more than a simple shack along the Cherating River, it is the atmosphere the pub/bar boosts that will truly amaze you. Owned by local artist DJ Shah, Little Bali is the most hippy joint in East Coast.

Everything was still slow before 12

When we arrived, the resident house band was already alive and kicking, jamming tunes that for sure will quicken your heart rate. The singers were dancing to the music while serenading us, a feat I find difficult to do. The dance floor was perpetually empty except for one Malay uncle, twisting and turning to the beats nonstop. That uncle really appreciated music.

They gave an energetic performance that night

The beverages are rather limited with the standard carbonated drinks, fruit juices and hot coffees and teas while local beers and wines for alcoholic ones. Neither cocktails nor mocktails can be seen on the menu.

This uncle seriously can dance

Sway your hip left and right

By the time it hit midnight, the crowd began to expand. This is something quite common, according to the owner, especially on Thursday and Friday nights as the youngsters from Kemaman and Cherating as well as the foreigners from offshore oil plants would come over for a good night. Fridays and Saturdays in the East Coast are what Saturdays and Sundays are for West Coast.

Just look at the crowd after midnight

We just sank into the music and let it took hold of our bodies until we were mentally beaten. It was about 1 a.m. when Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" was serenaded to us as parting gift. Now, that is the way to go out with a bang.

This trip is made possible thanks to the peoples of M-Mode Berhad, Santai Travel, Tourism Malaysia and the Legend Resort Cherating.


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Located at the Riverside Chalet, Little Bali opens daily with live band performances from 10 p.m. onwards on every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Just a 30 minute trip from Kuantan and 15 minutes from Kemaman, Little Bali is the resident fun house along the coastal. For more information, visit their website or you can contact them at 019-9836536 or 013-9836536. You can also leave them an e-mail here.


  1. 1. Yeah, the uncle REALLY KNEW how to dance!
    2. Nice shot of the performers. It shows how good they were! ;D

  2. I saluted the for the band, luckily I took multiple least there's one photo that came out nice...