Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vietnam - Overview

“Wow, you are going to Vietnam on your own?”, “How comes you don’t tag along some of your friends?”, “Aren’t you afraid?”, “Vietnam is dangerous,” and so on. These are some of the questions I received when I shared my plan of travelling alone in Vietnam for a week. 

Motorcyclists are everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City
To be honest, I was all pumped up when I first bought the air flight, thinking to myself, what an adventure I will have. However, as it gets nearer to the date, it would be lying if there isn’t a tinge of fear jumbled up with all the excitement inside me. After all, it is my first time going to a new land on my own. But backing out is not an option.

At Saigon Saigon Bar, sipping beer while soaking in the scenery

Now, a week has passed since I came back last Monday and I’m proud to say that there is nothing bad happened to me. In fact, I gained so much from this experience and witnessed the pure joy of backpacking, meeting peoples and making new friends along the way, receiving kindness and warm smiles showered upon me by the locals and seeing this beautiful country that is Vietnam.

Notre Dame Cathedral, favourite spot for wedding shots

 The only misfortune, if it is even to be considered one, is me exceeding my budget for the trip but in my defense, it was well worth it for I got to visit another Vietnamese city. That being said, I seriously need to learn to control myself and not let my money run loose should I ever plan to do a month long backpacking adventure. 

The adventurous journey to My Son Sanctuary

When you are on your own device, it is very important to do a lot of research so that you have a rough guide on what you want to do and what you want to save for next time. This can help save up time and smoothen your trip. However, that is not to say you are fixed on it. Be flexible and you will be amazed at what you chanced upon.

My favourite place, the UNESCO Heritage city of Hoi An

My initial itinerary was a pretty loose script but I had an idea of what I want to do (relaxing in the UNESCO city of Hoi An) and when you are travelling alone, it’s your plan and not anyone else that you are following to and I got to do all the things I had in my mind and more too. A chance encounter with a Danang Easy Rider got me on a motorbike road trip to the imperial city of Hue on my last two days and that journey formed a good portion of my wonderful time I had in the country.

At the top of Hai Van Pass where the views are truly breath taking

The Forbidden City in the Imperial City of Hue, another UNESCO Heritage Site

And as with all my trips, I wish that I can spend more days in the country, continuing with my fantastical life instead of returning back to mundane reality. After all, I am myself the most when on the road. But, I’m satisfied. My one-week Vietnam trip saw me exploring the South and Central Vietnam and the next visit will be concentrating on the north side of the country. For now, life resumes at its painstakingly slow pace while I’m looking forward to my next escape.


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Air Asia flies to three cities in Vietnam, namely, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, and Hanoi. The language used in the country is Vietnamese and the national currency is Vietnamese Dong. However, U.S. dollar is widely accepted. At the current exchange rate, VND 1,000,000 equals to RM 157.00.


  1. haiz. over budget again..told u liao beh hiao tia... u need a good treasurer like me ma..haha... where's next? tag ur treasurer along la ^^

  2. I love to travel alone! It's an adventure and I feel more free to do as I like and not having to worry about others. So is it even dangerous to travel on your own in Vietnam? Looking forward to your posts on Vietnam : )

  3. If I am a boy, I will love to travel alone as backpacker.
    You went to Ho Chi Minh City? I am planning a trip on that. Looking forward to your posts on that city.

  4. torres: Thinking Koh Samui...interested???

    foongpc: Indeed, I totally agree with you. Vietnam is safe and I experienced nothing but goodness of people...

    may-in: Don't let the gender stops you. Vietnam is relatively safe, so you can have a good time there.

  5. I also went Vietnam alone but just on first day lah. Hehehe.. Not a bad country as I thought. Envy with you that you managed went to Hoi An. Will be my target next time, including Dalat and Hue.

  6. Jeff n Torres : can i say i interested ??? long time din travel also d...haiz...

  7. Diana: which part of Vietnam you went to???

    Arsene: come la...let's plan a trip like our Cambodia one...

  8. interested!sana cantik le. but prefer after our indo trip next yr ba... u wan do in tis yr? jio many many ppl la..kk ah,cf ah,fish ah,tml ah......

  9. this year no la...thinking next january but i guess after yogya oso ok 1...