Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Newsflash - Legoland Malaysia is Opening on 15 September 2012

These days, kids might not even know what Lego is what with the iPads at their disposals. However, for those of us who grew up without these luxurious technologies, Lego bricks are like iPads to us. So, this is definitely good news to all who love Lego for finally, Legoland Malaysia is due to open on 15 September 2012, after three years of planning and construction.

Legoland Malaysia is the sixth Legoland theme park and the first in this part of the world. There will be seven distinctive parks in Legoland Malaysia, namely, “Miniland”, “Lego Kingdom”, “Imagination”, “Lego Technic”, “The Beginning”, “Land of Adventure” and “Lego City” in the 30.8 hectares of land in the state of Johor.

While the main targets of the theme park are families with children between the ages of 2 to 12, there are still activities for those who are not within this age group to do. For those who seek thrilling rides, there is one roller coaster ride in “Lego Kingdom” called “Dragon Coaster” where visitors will be taken on a tour through Lego palace, visiting dungeons, torture chambers, and so on.

Map of the park

Meanwhile, kids can test out their Lego skills in “Imagination” where they can build using Lego bricks available in the park. “Miniland” is set to be another favourite for those who like to travel for miniscule replicas of landmarks around the world are built using Lego bricks. Look out for the Petronas Twin Tower, Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal, and many more.

Now, Legoland Malaysia is doing promotional activities where you can buy annual passes at RM 245 per person for adults and RM 180 for children. These annual passes valid 12 months after first redemption. For 1-day tickets, adult tickets are priced at RM 140 while children and senior citizens aged 60 and above are at RM 110. Malaysians are entitled RM 30 rebate at the entrance when showing their MyKads. You can purchase the annual passes through their website here and it’s while stocks last basis.

I’m tempted to buy the annual pass for myself. While I’m not exactly thrilled with the rides available, I do like the ideas of reliving my childhood or let my inner child roams freely for a day or two.

For more information, you can go to their website or read their FAQ here. Photos courtesy of Legoland Malaysia website.

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  1. Imagination in legoland malaysia is something children used to dream about. Normally people say that it's for small aged group but in my opinion it's for all ages as everybody has a child in himself :).
    What's your views?

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