Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kuala Lumpur - Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant

So, few months back, I saw a GroupOn promotion for Japanese lunch buffet at Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant worth RM 104 for the price of RM 45. I gathered a few friends of mine and we decided to grab the offer and went for it yesterday. 

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Great Eastern Mall

The decoration is quite nice, with red lanterns lighting up the room and sake bottles decorating the shelves. They have a few private rooms for those big numbers or VIPs while for the less VIPs, there are plenty of tables so I doubt it will be hard to get one. When we arrived, we were the first customers.

The interior

Sake bottles as decoration

As for the food, the choices are rather limited in term of the selections available in the menu. A rather odd rule is that each customer can only order two pieces of scallops. I mean, seriously, they are restricting the amount of scallops per customer in a buffet restaurant? Plus, unagi (eels) was unavailable on the day we were there. Another disappointment. 

The limitation on scallops

Our table

Sizzling prawns

Other than that, it was quite decent. I had a lot of shasimi and salmons which were amazing, especially grilled, or in this sense, barbequed salmons. Sushi wise, I didn't eat a lot for I was trying to make my money worth by taking in as many pieces of salmons as possible. I guess you can say the sushi is OK. Desserts are scoops of ice creams. 

Variety of sushi

Platter of sashimi

Though the time period stated on the voucher is from 11.30am to 2.30pm, their last call was around 1.30pm and by 2.00pm, the cleaning process began while there were still peoples sitting. Feels like trying to kick the customers away, in my humble opinion. So, the my verdict is that for the price I paid (RM 45), it's quite a catch with the arrays of salmons for my pleasure but for RM 104, sorry, but no thanks.

Us four...too bad the photo is a bit blurry
P/S My Vietnam post will continue after this entry.

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Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant is located in Great Eastern Mall which is about 15 minutes walk from the Jelatek LRT station for those who are without cars like us. There's not much signs to direct to the complex but it was a pretty straight road from the LRT station. The restaurant is at the third floor.


  1. I was tempted to buy the voucher, but didn't at last.

    So how was the wagyu beef? I heard that they provide as buffet. :)

  2. Didn't think it was part of the menu for I saw a promotional sign for wagyu beef where you can have it at half the I think you need to pay for it...

  3. I bought the same voucher for 10 pax and had our buffet lunch in July. Having same feeling as Jeff and very disappointed with the food and service...

    The most unhappy part is the price, we were cheated.. the walk-in price for weekday is RM39.90++ and weekend RM45.90++.. so where is the 57% saving as stated in the coupon we bought?

  4. I just got a Groupon notification today for this voucher (RM45). Luckily I bump into this blog while searching for reviews.

    Judging by the experience & limited choice of menu, I rather spend my money at Shogun / Saisaki.

  5. do let me know whether shogun is of any good then...i so want to try that...