Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Singapore - Wicked, Here I Come!!!

Due to the fact that the damn connection at the mamak stall is superbly slow (plus, I'm preoccupied...), I have to continue the remaining few entries on Macau after I'm back from my vacation. In about 3 hours time, I will be on board on my train ride to the Lion City. The main attraction for this trip has to be the Wicked musical that I'm going tomorrow night! Can't wait the popular musical which is guaranteed to be a defying gravity experience, for good.

See you in a week time!



  1. i miss it!!! wanna go againn!!!...
    whr u go at singapore? UNiversal studio ada??

  2. Went to Universal just to take photos only...didn't go in...
    I went to Singapore to watch musical...X-D

  3. where's the post on Singapore??????