Tuesday, December 13, 2011

澳门 (Macau) - Margaret’s Café e Nata

Speaking of Margaret’s Café e Nata, I missed its delicious pastries and sandwiches whose portions so hearty that it can serve as both your breakfast and lunch at the same time. It is like a buffet of sort, only that services are provided. The first thing you need to do is to determine what sort of breads you want to have. They have baguette, croissant, and so on for you to choose from. After choosing the bread, the next step is to choose the fillings. You can mix all sort of fillings they have, such as bacons, scrambled eggs, ham, and many more that my poor brain cannot remember. 

Margaret's Cafe e Nata

Croissant with ham for breakfast

Baguette with scrambled egg and minced pork the second day

Personally, I really liked the sandwiches that I bought there. It worth every single penny spent on it due to its wholesome portion and its tastiness. Nothing too special about it, yet there is something unique to it. Before heading to Macau, I had found out about this Margaret’s Café but only about its Portuguese egg tart, something that I craved for since the first time I had it back at Ipoh from King’s Confectionary. Originated from Macau, or at least famous in Macau, I had been on the Portuguese egg tart diet ever since my arrival there. 

Margaret's Portuguese egg tart

Koi Kei's famous version

I think I had at least one a day throughout my stay at Macau. I had tried the one from Margaret’s as well as the Pastalaria Koi Kei, the famous confectionary shop there. While both are delicious in its own way, I think I prefer the Koi Kei one better, if my memories served me well. Too ancient already the taste of it. Writing this makes me hungry and craving for it only.

There are a lot of it in Macau

The one and only Margaret's Cafe e Nata


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If you are locating Margaret’s Café e Nata, you need to be very alert for it is located in a hidden alley. Walk along road heading to the Nam Pan Hotel and keep an eye out to the alleys on your left. It’s either the first or the second alley. To be precise, here’s the address:

Edifico Kam Loi,
Nam Van, Macau.


  1. In case you want to try the 'real ones'... http://pasteisdebelem.pt/

  2. Hey, thanks for the recommendation...when I have the chance of going Portugal, will definitely go try it...

  3. kui kei portugese tart..... wa mau.... hungry liao..

  4. When I was in Lisbon, I ate egg tarts everyday!
    I didn't see this place when I went to Macau. I should have researched more. :P

  5. xin hao: yea lo, so delicious...make me want to go there again...

    Miss A: I wish I have been to Lisbon to try it...

  6. dunno...see bila my money tree starts to grow lo...