Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Macau (澳门) - Venetian Macao

*I just came back from my Singapore trip two days ago and suffice to say, I had a blast and fond memories to treasure. When I’m done with the last few posts on my Macau – Hong Kong trip and my short entries on Kuching (yes, it’s ages ago), I’ll share my adventures in Singapore.*

Macau, without going to casinos, is like haven’t been to Macau before and I had already wrote about my gambling fun here. But there is something worth sharing about one particular casino/hotel located in the Taipa Island. That particular casino/hotel is the brand new and well-known Venetian Macao.

The main entrance

The dome

Beautiful interior

Maybe it’s because the architecture of this casino is a replica of sort of the Italian style which is very grand and stylish that set it apart. For whatever the reason may be, it is a must see when you come to Macau. It is especially so for its signature attraction, the gondola rides.

Shopping has never been this eye soothing before

The clear blue 'sky'

Have a gondolier serenades you a song

Modeled after the beautiful town of Venice, there is a canal built inside the shopping strips where the gondoliers will navigate the gondolas and serenade songs to you. Do look up at the ceiling while enjoying the ride for you will see wonderful recreation of classical Italian arts of angels and all. Charming as it is, we did not go for the ride due to the fact we wanted to ‘explore’ the casino. Haha.

The exterior

View from the opposite side of the road


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The gondola rides are MOP118/ride for adults and MOP88/ride for kids. If you want a private gondola, it is MOP472/ride. It is roughly equaled to RM 48, RM 36 and RM 192 respectively. Spare some time in the Venetian to admire its beauty. While you are at it, walk across to the City of Dreams and Hard Rock Hotel which basically means more casinos for you to go to. If you are having a bad stream of luck at Venetian, try again at either one of them.

Another grand hotel cum casino, City of Dream


  1. all is so nice but one thing nt nice... Pay too much 'entrance fees' to d casino..^^