Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bangkok - Chatuchak Weekend Market

When we finished exploring Wat Pho, we then went to take the river cruise back to Central Pier and took BTS to Mo Chit where we will be exploring the Chatuchak weekend market. The crowd at the place was scary for it was amazingly crowded.

Everyone is either going or leaving the weekend market

I understand why there were so many people enjoy going there. You can simply find anything you want at that market. From the usual items such as cloths and accessories... household items...



...snacks of all kinds...

Common snacks

Exotic foods
...paintings... even pets!

Adorable puppies for sales!
You can just find whatever in here. Where can you get these all-in-one-place market? We also had our dinner there at a small restaurant, ordering simple traditional dishes. Very delicious to say the least.

Look at the crowds!


Salad with salted crab, I believe

Instead of rice, we had mihun


 This night was our last night in Bangkok for by tomorrow afternoon, we will be flying back Kuala Lumpur. After our breakfast, we went back to the shopping centres for another round of shopping before going to the airport. It is definitely a memorable trip.

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