Monday, August 15, 2011

Bangkok - Wat Pho

After our visit to the Grand Palace, we continued our tour with a visit to Wat Pho, home of the famous reclining Buddha statue. It was just walking distant away from the Grand Palace. When we reached the temple, dark clouds were residing, causing fear in us that possible heavy downpour might occur. Plus, the sight of construction on the temple put us into a dilemma whether or not to enter the temple. However, the idea of coming so far to Bangkok and not visit the famous landmark put us off and we just entered without any second thought.

Wat Pho from afar

One of the few entrances 

Inside the temple, besides the giant statue of sleeping Buddha, it is also a huge complex with many stupas and side temples. Being the main attraction of the building, we first visited the reclining Buddha statue and boy, is it huge! The statue sent off an aura of majestic and importance as we observed it with awe. Tourists from around the world snapped photos of the statue non stop and me being a tourist as well, did the same thing. 

Three shots of the reclining Buddha

There's a limit as to what my digital camera can do and it is near impossible to capture the golden statue in film. I did my best. After admiring the Buddha, we continued with our tour around the complex of the temple. Here are some shots inside the temple:

One of the many giants guarding the temple


There are many stupas like this inside the complex

The ubosot which houses...

...this Buddha statue


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Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of Reclining Buddha, is also home to the birth of Thai massage. You can actually have a Thai massage here in the temple. I did not find out how much is it since I didn't went for it. Plus, the entrance fee to the temple is 50 Bahts.


  1. The last one photo,how can u take??
    They are not allow to take photo inside??

  2. this one is's the Emerald Buddha statue at the Grand Palace that cannot be captured in photo...

  3. hanks for this post and for visiting my blog. I visited back your blog read this post and copied the picture of Emerald Buddha statue to pay respect and pray at home. I'm a Buddhist.

    Thank you very much for the picture