Friday, July 29, 2011

Bangkok - Shopping Heaven

Bangkok by daylight is another world. What used to look like a seedy street is now crowded with tourists walking about, exploring this magnificent metropolis. We officially began our exploration of the city and what's better way to explore than through what Bangkok is famous for? Shopping!

Traffic was slightly congested in the Saturday morning

Our mode of transportation

Our ride is coming!
Travelling around Bangkok is simple especially through their efficient Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). Our hostel is located near Chong Nonsi station, hence, travelling through BTS is definitely a convenience for us. Our stop, Ratchadamri station.

Bangkok is still continuously growing in size

Once we reached our destination, we just walked, heading to one shopping centre to another. There are many shopping centres located around this area and also near Siam station and it is quite a walking distance between these two stations. Shopaholics will have a blast being at these areas!

We have the high ends...

Central World
Siam Paragon, a very famous and exclusive shopping centre
...and the low ends...

The many street stalls and small shops...

Walking around from one shopping centre to another is very safe and do not have to brave the traffics because they have Skywalk, a pedestrian-overhead bridge of sort where people can walk from one place to another.

Sky view of the traffic that we avoided by using Skywalk
The tension of the election was strong as posters were everywhere, as I had mentioned in my previous post. The effect of the Red Shirt demonstration last year was still present in the city.

The elected president of Thailand
One of the damage sites due to Red Shirt demonstration

While walking, we saw a shrine where there were many people surrounding it. My friend told us that it was the famous Erawan shrine, home of the four face Buddha. Apparently, many tourists, especially Hong Kong tourists, visited and prayed at this shrine. We did not really pray but we did observed and have a look at it. 

Just look at the crowds!
Too bad there's limit to my camera...



  1. I want go Bangkok for shopping too!!

  2. Yup I heard the shopping in Bangkok is pretty awesome and that their malls are much bigger than those in Malaysia and Singapore.

  3. diana: you should! but for me, those shopping centres are too high end for me...

    jothi: indeed they are bigger than Malaysia...have no idea about Singapore though...