Monday, August 1, 2011

Bangkok - Jackie Chan, Frank Lampard, Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet

What do Kate Winslet, Jackie Chan, Frank Lampard Steven Gerrard, and Julia Roberts have in common? Well, they were seen in Bangkok looking fabulous and posing with fans! Of course, when you saw them in the flesh, surely you'll do the same, won't you?

Miss Pretty Woman

You can't see how excited I am 'cause I played it cool

Miss Titanic, Kate Winslet

Not a football fan but here's LampardGerrard
With Big Brother himself, Jackie Chan

I saw more celebrities when I was in Hong Kong. Wait for it!


p/s Apparently I made a mistake in identifying the footballer. I was told it was Lampard but rupa-rupanya it's Gerrard. Oops...


  1. hey pal...that is not lampard la...should be gerrald... ><"

  2. lack of football knowledge is damn apparent...

  3. You may have missed an invitation to the upcoming Kim Kardashian wedding

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