Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bangkok - A Glimpse of the Underworld

The sky was already dark when the aircraft that we were on landed on Suvarnabhumi International Airport. We expected there's nothing for us to do once we reached Bangkok and checked into the hostel. Imagine how surprise we were when after we put our bags into the room and went out to explore that the night market near our hostel (Silom Road) was still open and peoples were roaming around shopping for pirated goods and cheap gifts. Massage parlours and food stalls were crowded with people. 

YHA Hostel, our accommodation

Tuk tuk's waiting for customers

Patrons shopping for clothes

You can find anything in the night market, from conventional to the unique

When we went to Bangkok, election was still ongoing. Banners and posters of various political parties were decorating the city, hoping to draw votes while belittling others. The tension was felt but that was about it. We were lucky that no demonstrations or political rallies on the streets throughout our trips.

Banner of a political party

Other than that, that brief outing at night also provided us a glimpse into the underworld side of Bangkok. Night clubs and pubs were aplenty and catered to everyone of every need, openly. It was truly an eye opener, no doubt about it.

Night scenes



  1. Nice pics, especially the one with the monkey holding the banana! Wonder if we will see posters like that in Malaysia during future elections....

  2. i doubt so...i was very amused of those posters during their elections...