Friday, July 22, 2011

July - It's All Ended

I'm back!!!

It's all over already, now that the final trip of mine has already ended. I can't believe how time flies by when we were having fun.

Hong Kong and Macau are fun, to say the least. It's summer when I went there but it was nothing like summer, what with the rain and all. Yea, it was often drizzling throughout my trip there. And it was summer sale there. Everything was so cheap, I ended up buying quite a lot of stuffs.

Anyway, I'll talk more about it after I finished blogging about my Bangkok trip which was ONE MONTH AGO. Damn that connection of mine at home. Need to go outside to surf the Internet.

I'll start with my Bangkok trip tomorrow. Till then, adios!


  1. Welcome back and enjoy your trip to Bangkok :)

  2. Thristhan: thanks!!!

    Fadli: indeed...Bangkok is heaven...