Monday, July 11, 2011

July - It's Time for Macau and Hong Kong

In few more days, I'll be flying to Macau with my friends and it will surely be a fun and memorable trip. Right now, am busy planning the trip (procrastination is my good friend :-)), hence, I have been leaving my blog unattended. Plus, that damn Internet of mine.

Anyway, I realised that I still have my Bangkok trip to be talked about (another fun filled adventure it was..). Unfortunately, I guess it has to be waited until I come back from Macau.

Oh, yea. I also just came back from a weekend escape to Penang yesterday with my school friends and I was the designated driver and tour guide, which I enjoyed doing it. In fact, I truly love bringing my friends here and there around places. Another good point about this Georgetown trip is that it was a road trip, something that I also loved. But make sure your car is in good condition if you were to embark on one yourself as I had learned through the hard way. More on that later.

Anyway, that's about it for now. When I come back, I'll have plenty of time to write already, that is until I found a job which I seriously need. Here's some photos from Bangkok to end this post with.

I saw Jackie Chan there!

It was a majestic adventure at the Grand Palace

Make sure you are loaded with money to buy till you drop!


  1. Have a fun and enjoyable trip to Hong Kong and Macau!

  2. got travel blog edy ah.. so cool.. enjoy your trips! :)

  3. diana: THANKS!!!

    ken: haha, am attempting at it but lack the time and skill in making it a passable travel blog...haha

  4. im waiting ur review...hope to noe more about nice food+nice shopping place in HK+macau , nice motel/hotel...
    enjoy ur trip!
    *cos im going to Hk next year,=( still no idea where to shop*

  5. natasha: haha, wait la abit...i'll write about it soon...