Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hat Yai - Celebrating My Mom's Birthday

Our Hat Yai trip was on the 11 and 12 June and my mom's birthday fell on the 12 June so me and my sister planned to do a mini celebration there and by mini, we meant three slices of cakes arranged as a 'round' cake. We can't find a reasonably priced whole cake in Hat Yai and that my mom is not really a big fan of icing cakes so we just bought three slices as a gesture. 

We bought it late at night on the eleventh with the plan of busting into her room at 12am but they were all reasonably tired and were fast asleep by the time we came back. Yes, the elders went back first while me and my sister roamed around the town area. Well, the surprise have to wait till tomorrow, we thought. 

The place where we bought those three slices of cakes

Interior look of the place

They even have ice creams there

The next day, before we have our mini celebration and before we checked out, we went for dim sum breakfast, some shop along the dim sum shop that I had last time I went to Hat Yai. After that, we went to Hat Yai Plaza, a large marketplace where you can buy anything. It's a paradise for my mom and my aunts as they bought a lot of stuffs there. 

The shop

The noodle I had

The dim sum

The plaza

All those nuts and sticky rice...

After shopping, we headed back to our hotel and the mini celebration began...and ended as quickly as it started. A birthday song and off we dug into the cake. No photos of the cake as I forgot to take it. Then, we had to pack to leave this town soon.

My mom said she want to come again

The place where we had our lunch

Nothing to shout about, this lunch of ours
Something that I regretted about this trip is that I did not have a good tom yum out of it. Luckily, I still had eaten the delicious mango sticky rice. If not, I can declare this trip to Hat Yai is of an unsatisfactory one. Haha.


  1. lots of good food also ah there.. nice :)

  2. Most important thing for me when travelling is the great food that comes with it :)

  3. It's been a long time since I went Hat Yai,miss the food there.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.