Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hat Yai - Klonghae Floating Market

As I mentioned in the previous post, during my Hat Yai trip with my family, we went to Klonghae floating market. This floating market has been on my mind since the first time I went to Hat Yai but failed to go for it due to timing problem. Anyhow, this time around, I managed to visit this unique tradition of Thailand.

Can you see just how crowded it is?

Some stalls selling food-in-stick
Fighting fish
Fried insects! Something I wanted to try but didn't...
Even sushis can be found here

After we checked into our hotel as mentioned in the last post, we rested for an hour or so before heading to Klonghae floating market. In this market, you can find and buy anything as there are many stalls selling this and that. While it is the boats floating along the river bank that are truly unique here, you can still find a lot of interesting items to buy at the stalls there.

The main attraction of the floating market

These women sell varieties of foods along the riverbank

Most of the sellers on the boats are women and they sell mostly foods and drinks. How to buy from them, you ask? Well, if you want to buy something, said, a drink, you just inform the lady on the boat and she will use a net or a basket with a stick attached on it. It is through this basket that you put your money and she handed the drink to you. All these are done in a civic manner.

These cups can be taken back home as memorabilia
With every purchase of the beverages

We didn't eat that much since we were about to go to the buffet dinner later on which is a waste as you can have a lot of snacks and delicacies on that floating market. 



  1. Fried Insects! I've always wanted to try that! Looking forward to your next post. :)

  2. The sushi looks like cupcake. Hahaha.. Your post makes me dream of going Thailand!

  3. Lindy: me too and i missed out twice already...

    diana: go la, Thailand is so near only...at least to me la...haha

  4. I dared to try the Dried Insects when I went to bangkok last year. Not pleasing at all, tasted disgusting actually.