Saturday, May 7, 2011

Penang - Sad Farewell at Penang Bowl

The ball rolled along the lane, straight and steady, reaching the end and knocking down all of the pins at one go. It was a strike, something that does not come often to me. I was surprised by it while my friends continued teasing. It was the beginning of what would be, possibly, the last gathering with my fellow coursemates.

The plan was to go to Penang Bowl and have some fun time bowling first before heading to our dinner and later, chit chat session. We had to wait for some time as it was rather crowded there but the wait was worth it. Indeed, the bowling session was fun and interactive and everyone enjoyed rolling the balls.

Simple game but endless joy and laughter

After the game, it's time to fill our stomachs as most of us had been starving for some foods for quite some time already. Dinner at 10 pm? I bet that's the first time for some of them. We went to a hawker stall somewhere along McCalister Road, next to Asia Cafe. I forgotten the name of the cafe but the food there are quite nice. I love the pan mee that I had and the pizza my friend ordered. We sat and chatted for like quite some time before deciding on another location where we can enjoy the atmosphere and talked our hearts out. So, we ended up at Bed.

Located along Pulau Tikus

But instead of talking our hearts out, our times flew by playing childhood games. We had the 'spicy spicy sushi' or 寿司 but instead of having the wasabi-filled sushi, we opted for some painful punishment. Suffice to say, we filled the atmospheric (and peaceful) room with our boisterous natures, indirectly forcing people surrounding our tables to leave as they can't stand us any more. Haha. Not our problems.

The interiors of the bar

When the night was no longer young, we took some group photos and we went our separate ways, like how we are doing right now. Everyone is heading back to their home towns, bidding goodbye to this lovely island with no foreseeable future of coming back here again after our convocations.

I'll miss you guys! Sincerely grateful to know you bunch of peoples and proud to claim you guys as my friends! All the memories will I greatly cherish till my death or when I had Alzheimer's. Wish you guys a smooth future ahead!