Friday, May 6, 2011

Penang - Celebratory Lunch at Winter Warmers

FINALLY! All my exams were done. My viva presentation was over. I have nothing left to do for my last semester in my undergraduate study other than to relax and enjoy these last few days with my coursemates which I'll be bidding goodbye to which we had done yesterday night (but more on that later.) Saying goodbye is truly the hardest thing to do so instead of doing so, why not saying, I'll find you in your hometowns? I definitely will do so once in a while.

But back to the story of the day. Right after our presentation, me and my partner decided that the end of the dumb dumb thing required a grand celebration of sort and a grand celebration can only be done in Queensbay Mall, the nearest shopping complex for us soon-to-be-ex-students of USM. We ended up having it at Winter Warmers, a cafe that I had yet to try it on.

The front of the menu

It was a unique place to be as the decoration of the cafe is more or less like an English tea house. The food itself was quite good but a bit bland for my taste. Maybe its motto is to be natural or moderate in taste. I had Butter Lemon Fish, which the butter overcome the taste of the lemon, and Caramel Tea Latte. Personally, I am not a big fan of latte but since the tea in this place is reputably quite nice, I thought I had a go with it. Somehow, it tasted more like a diluted milk.

The inside of the place

Caramel Tea Latte - RM 7.00

Butter Lemon Fish - RM 14.90

My partner had Honey Oat Chicken and Melon Ice Blended. The skin of the chicken chop is crispy and marinated with honey. I quite like it. As for the Melon Ice Blended, you can easily get the cheaper version, Honey Dew Milk Tea, at any pasar malam (night market) at a much cheaper cost and taste the same.

Melon Ice Blended - RM 7.90

Honey Oat Chicken - RM 13.90

Overall, not that bad but I think I'll try the Beef Bolognese which my friend had. Tasted nice but the beef used is more like minced beef and at a portion of blink-and-you-miss-it kind. After our lunch, we went back room for a quick nap before heading out at night for our last course gathering, which sadly to say, still unable to be a full attendance event.



  1. it's a quaint place to relax for an afternoon tea :D

  2. hey price not so expensive too wor...ARGh i missed a chance to try...everytime wanna try oso dint go ~

  3. Never mind la...convo that time ma go try la...