Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ipoh - Delicious Dim Sums at Foh San Restaurant

Let's take a break from all the showcases of Penang and shift the attention to my peaceful hometown, Ipoh, and what's more lovely about Ipoh other than the mouth watering dim sum famous in Ipoh.

Prawn Roll

Char Siu Pau

Not sure what but it has century egg on it

Yam Ball with Char Siu

Siu Mai

Har Gao

Char Siu Pastry

Doesn't all these shots make you want to take the quickest ride to Ipoh and dig into these succulent little delicacies? The top four shots were taken by my friend when he came to Ipoh along with my coursemates.


  1. I just had dim sum today as my lunch and now feel want to have again after looking at the picture. I ever ate dim sum at ipoh but not really remember which shop. Hehehe.. Besides dim sum, ipoh also famous for the short but fat bean sprouts eat with chicken rice right?

    How is your cambodia trip? I saw KK zai wearing the traditional custome. Hehehe

  2. yup, that's also quite famous in Ipoh...along with salted chicken...

    cambodia is AMAZING!!! and yes, that fella has gotten 'married' in Cambodia...haha...

    as promised, postcard is on its way but i have to rely on my friend to send it as i don't have time to visit the post office...he'll send it from there...

  3. I always go for the yam balls, Ipoh is also a food heaven.

  4. indeed it is...ipoh is the underrated food heaven...