Friday, May 13, 2011

Penang - Dinner at Tree Monkey

We had a bloated afternoon with so many visits to the cafes (Kopi Cine and Moontree 47) that our dinners were quite late. Together with few friends of ours, we went to the Tree Monkey restaurant, a rather secluded fusion restaurant located at the Teluk Bahang, right next to the Tropical Spice Garden.

Essentially a Thai restaurant, there are other types of cuisines can be found at the place. All of us ordered ourselves a main course while we had a pot of tom yam with chicken soup. Most of us ordered a variety of fried rices (Seafood Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice, Belacan Fried Rice) that almost every possibilities of fried rice they had at the restaurant was ordered while I had Thai Paella.

Thai Paella - RM 19.80

The paella I ordered was not of my expectation. I thought it was the Spanish paella with a Thai twist but it is essentially a herbal rice with seafood cooked in some sweet/spicy sauce. Not bad but slightly disappointed. The tom yam meanwhile is super delicious. Sweet yet sour with a hint of spiciness in it, it is simply my type of food. The portion of the soup is enough to be shared among five of us. In fact, it was more than enough for us all. My favourite!

Tom Yam Soup - RM 20.80

It was a great place to hang out among friends with nature as your background. I did not try much of their foods but the tom yam along warrant another visit. 

The bar
The decos
The Thai food I had made me reminisced about the delicious tom yam I had back in Hat Yai. Aww, Hat Yai...

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