Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder

I arrived back to my home country after a lovely visit to another beautiful country of South East Asia, Cambodia. So much fun and new experiences we all had gained through this trip but the best of all would be the fact that this trip was a graduation trip for all of us fellow coursemates. I'm still tired after these hectic and sleep-deprived days so I will blog more about my great trip to Cambodia in a few days time. Here's a few photos of the kingdom of wonder that is Cambodia.

A retro looking building in Phnom Penh

Bayon Temple at the Angkor National Park

Of sky and water at the park

My friend's traditional Khmer 'wedding'


  1. Angkor is so historical, going back to many years back.

  2. Nava .K: Indeed it is...historically rich country...

    qf: miss u too...dont cry la, will meet again one...haha

  3. I went to Cambodia in 2009 ( Phnom Penh and Siem Reap). All the historical remains point to the fact that the Cambodians are a highly civilised race. It's a shame that the Khmer Rouge had to happen....