Sunday, May 15, 2011

Penang - Coffee Break at Moontree 47

After our breakfast/brunch/lunch at Kopi Cine, we have a walk around Georgetown and absorbed the antique nature of the city. But the damn heat these few days made us thirst for something cooling. Hence, we dropped by the Moontree 47 cafe, a newly opened quaint cafe along Muntri Street. 

The place is indeed charming and very retro. According to the owner of the cafe, it was opened just barely 3 months ago and that it served as a cafe down stair and a hostel up stair to cover up the hefty renovation cost, which is still ongoing. 

Iced Cappucino - RM 10.00

Iced Mocha - RM 11.00

We were quite full as we just had our meals not too long ago so we just ordered only drinks. Iced cappucino and iced mocha we ordered. Rather simple and nice, but rather expensive, in my opinion. However, the atmosphere is definitely charming, enough to blindside the price.

Some of the shots taken at the cafe

I truly applauded the owner of the cafe for taking the initiative to rent and renovate the pre-war shoplot and in the process, turning it into a carefree and relaxing little joint where people can come and read some books. Too much of these retro buildings have been neglected and anyone who take the effort of turning it into charming shops deserved the praises. 

While on my way into Moontree 47, I saw these red bicycles and I think it belong to the cafe. 

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