Monday, April 6, 2015

Indonesia - Taman Sari

Wow, I just realized that the last entry was dated back in September 2014. 6 months of MIA! Studying takes a large portion of your times away, especially after works. Well, I'm going to better manage my time and start writing again because, I really do like to write.

Walking to Taman Sari from the Palace

Let us continue with the story. It was in April 2013 that I went to Yogyakarta with my fellow uni-mates and we had visited Dieng Plateau, Borobudur and Kraton, the city palace. On the same day that we explored Kraton Ngayogyakarta, we also dropped by Taman Sari, a ruined complex used to be the bathing pools for the Sultan.

Taman Sari

Walking distance from the palace, Taman Sari served as a pleasure recreation for the Sultan. It is said that one of the bathing pools will be crowded with his ladies while the Sultan would be sitting in his tower, overlooking the scene and making his pick for the day. Such a scintillating lifestyle, won't you agree?

Tower (left) is where the Sultan made his pick from the ladies in the pool

As we listened to the story, out of nowhere rain started to fall heavily. We were stranded in the water castle, taking a shelter as we waited for the rain to stop. The irony, to be in the ancient water complex yet afraid to get drenched by the rain.

Nothing to do but to take photos as we waited for the rain to stop

After a while, it seemed that the rain was unlikely to stop. So, when the torrent slowed down a bit, we quickly got ourselves a tricycle or two to get us back to the hotel. April is not exactly a good time to visit Indonesia as it is the raining season. We spent the rest of the day hiding in our rooms before heading out for dinner.

Taman Sari
Entrance fee: IDR 7,000
Camera fee: IDR 1,000



  1. 2 times i had been here, never had a chance to visit taman sari... huhuhuh

  2. you didn't miss much since Taman Sari is nothing but a quick tour itself...

  3. now i learnt theres a place in indo called yogyakarta!