Monday, September 22, 2014

Indonesia - Tepas Kaprajuritan Kraton Ngayogyakarta

One of the main cultural attraction when in Yogyakarta is a visit to Yogyakarta Palace. After dropping our luggage at Amaris Hotel Diponegoro, we took the public bus from the bus station, which is right in front of the hotel, to get to Jalan Malioboro. The palace is within walking distance from the end of the street.

Kraton or palace in Javanese

Entrance ticket

The palace itself is a huge complex, consists of main hall (Tepas Kaprajuritan) and the main palace (Tepas Pariwisata) itself. There's entrance fee charged at both entrances and each admission ticket is only valid for that particular site. Admission fee for Tepas Kaprajuritan is IDR 7,000 (about RM 2.10, more or less) with an additional IDR 1,000 for camera.

The main hall of the palace

Honestly speaking, there isn't much to see here in Tepas Kaprajuritan other than to marvel at its architecture and dive into its historic significance. This is where the coronation of the king took place back when Yogyakarta was still under the Sultan's rule. 

Family portraits of the royal families

Musical instruments used in those days

Exhibits revolving the lives of the royal family are proudly on display to educate the locals as well as foreigners. It can be quite interesting to read about the glory days of the past, worth a visit if you have some free time. However, if you are running out of time, I would suggest you to go straight to Tepas Pariwisata. This is where you get to see cultural dances and performances. I will get into details in the next post.



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