Monday, August 25, 2014

Poland - Farewell, Warsaw

Farewell is a bittersweet affair, as it has always been. While I am excited to go back home and see the familiar faces I left behind, the idea of leaving Warsaw, and Europe as a whole, is downright sad. I have come to accustom myself with the city, for all its good and bad, in the past 3 months, and right when I start to get comfortable, it is time to go.

Plac Zamkowy

Piwna St.

Stare Miasto. 3 of my favourite spots in Warsaw.

Memories were made in the city and I cherish them all. Hope we will meet again, someday.


  1. Hi Jeff, can I ask which hostel you stayed in krakow? Do you recommend it? Am in Budapest at the moment. Will be off to krakow after 4 nights in Prague. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Cubie! The 4 of us stayed in an apartment, Europejski Hotel, at 5 Lubizc St. It's just about 5 min walk from the market square and within walking distance from the train and bus station.

    Enjoy yourself in Budapest and help me say hi to Prague. Damn, I miss those places.

  3. Quite calm and relax.Different compare to Malaysia.

    1. Haha, these photos were taken during weekdays..if weekends, it's quite lively and crowded with people..