Monday, August 11, 2014

Overview - Europe 2014

It was definitely my wildest dream of being able to visit Europe before I even hit 30 and the best part was that 80% of it was all expense paid. For those of you who didn't know, I landed a job as a junior credit specialist and I was sent to Warsaw, Poland, for an intensive 3 months training, with return air tickets to Warsaw and accommodation and transportation in the city all paid by the company. Not bad, right?

In that 3 months, besides exploring the city and the country itself, I managed to visit other European cities as well. Most of these trips were only weekend getaways and you rarely able to really see the place in such a short time. However, it served as an introductory course for me, to get me all excited with the prospect of coming back again and have another go with the continent itself.

Excluding all the Polish cities I've visited, I have been to Prague, Budapest, Paris, Brussels and Bruges. My favourite of them all has to be Prague. That city just wow-ed me, rendered me speechless, and the fact that I have 4 days to explore around made it much more memorable. Now that I'm already back in Malaysia, I really miss Europe and am much more determine to realize my second Europe adventure, schedule in 2 years time. Better start saving up money. 

I'll delve in more on where I've been to soon but in the meantime, enjoy these few photos of the three countries I've been to, excluding Czech Republic (click here to read about my take on Prague) and Poland. Poland deserves an entry on its on for overview.

Brussels and Bruges, Belgium


This picturesque town is really popular with tourists. It was really crowded during our visit and the fact that it was summer didn't help much either. I was seriously turn off by the crowds but as the day went by and the people thinned out (Bruges is perfect for a day trip), I began to warm up with the town. I was especially smitten by the night views this charming town has to offer.


Unfortunately for us, we didn't get to explore much of Brussels. This capital city served as a transit of sort to Bruges for us. However, even with the little things we got to see, I really loved it, especially the Grand Place. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is seriously amazing, a market square of its own level. I just want to spend my day drinking coffee and eating Belgian chocolate while admiring the beauty that is this market square. 

Budapest, Hungary

Majestic view of the city

Chain Bridge

Budapest was not in my list but since my colleagues were really showering the city with praises, I thought, why not join them along as well? That decision was the best I've made in that 3 months for Budapest is really beautiful and a delight. I readily admit that this city reminded me of Prague, what with the river and the many bridges. Yet, Budapest gave me a different feeling, a relaxed vibe, I would say. It is not hustling and bustling but more laidback, making us all want to come back again the next time but instead of just for a weekend, it will be a week long retreat. If you are looking for relaxation, Budapest is the answer.

Paris, France

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

Another unexpected trip. I was not that keen on visiting Paris for I have this impression that the city is somewhat overrated. I came back from the trip both agreed and disagreed with that statement. That quick glimpse of the city reaffirmed that the best thing about the city is the Eiffel Tower. This majestic beauty towers over the city beautifully, giving it a signature touch to the city. Without the tower, I really don't know what is there to see. However, I strongly believe that 24 hours is not enough to really learn about the city and I am willing to go back and give another go for it to prove me wrong, that Paris has more to offer than just that landmark. Hopefully, my next visit will change my view.


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