Friday, May 2, 2014

Visit Malaysia 2014 - Paradise Valley, Broga (#TSDayOut)

To support Visit Malaysia Year 2014, I will be writing on various tourist attractions in the country. Let us work together to bring in tourists to our lovely Malaysia.


Paradise Valley, what an aptly named vacation resort. Surrounded by lush green of the nearby Broga Hill, sheltered under the blue sky, it does seem like an environmentalist's heaven. But we were here not to be up close with nature. That came in second. The primary reason we were here was to be challenged, both physically and mentally, as this resort is also a paradise for extreme sports junkies. Thanks to Tourism Selangor for organizing its amazing #TSDayOut (finally it has arrived), we got to experience some of these adventures for the first time.

Breakfast to start the day

We gathered in the headquarter of Tourism Selangor in Shah Alam very early in the morning before departing together to our destination. It took slightly more than an hour to reach Paradise Valley and after a simple breakfast, the adventure began. Before the adventures, a few simple stretching and warming up exercises, so not to strain the bodies.

Everyone gathered here before the start of the program

Instructor was showing how to fasten the equipments

Everyone was getting ready for flying fox

Then, we were split into 4 teams and 2 teams will be doing wall climbing while the other 2 teams will be doing flying fox before switching it up. This was to speed up the process. I was on the flying fox gang and this is something I do enjoy a lot. This time around, the slope is a bit steeper, making the gliding proces quicker and more adventurous. Your hands have to hold the harness so that the impact at the end of the ride will not be too sudden. In short, I loved it!

Flying fox, in sequence

We moved on to wall climbing after our glide down the cable. It was my first time doing that and deep down, I knew that I would not be able to do this, what with my lack of arm strength. How unsurprising it was for me as I failed to reach to the top of the wall. My arms were practically shaking as I was scaling the wall. Resolution, build up some arm strength.

The adults were busing taking photos as the kid climbed the wall..

Then, we were off for lunch break and rest. We were sweating profusely as the weather was all shiny and bright. After lunch, we proceeded to the next activities. This time around, three activities will be consecutively taking place and the teams will rotate among them. The three activities were criss-crossing, abseiling and tension bridge. My team was assigned to abseiling station.

Preparations were being made for abseiling

Final work before we began

Again, this is another one that I have some inclination towards as it too depends on my arm strength. Luckily, it is definitely easier to descend than ascend, as I managed to land safely without any issues. I did worry whether I will fall down due to a slip of hand or something but these instructors were real good in instilling your trust on them.

Abseiling, in sequence

We were supposed to proceed to the rest station but the weather became gloomy and started to pour heavily halfway through the event. Everyone ended up getting all wet and the remaining activities, one of them being kayaking, have to be cancelled. What a shame. 

Prize giving ceremony

Overall, this is another awesome adventure and I have Tourism Selangor to thank for. #TSDayOut is a good initiative by the board in introducing the many tourism products available in the state, some of which we might not have know about, like this Paradise Valley if not for all their hard works. I definitely look forwards to another installment of #TSDayOut, coming soon in June 2014.

To end this entry, here are three shots of peoples acknowledging the camera.

Miss Tan Mei Ping

Macho "mining" workers

Before flying down

Info Box

Paradise Valley Broga,
Lot 1742 & 1369, Jalan Tarun Broga, 43500 Semenyih.
Check-in at 2 p.m. and check-out at 12 p.m.
Prices depend on the type of accommodations chosen. There are three types of accommodations available; Luxury Room (RM 150/180 during non-peak/peak season), Dormitory Room (RM 118/138 during non-peak/peak season) and Camping Tents (RM 90/108 during non-peak/peak season). Prices are for 2 days 1 night package and per person.
For more information, you can call P.J. Lim at 011-16686188 or 016-3377333. You can also visit their website here.


  1. It was AGES since I last did this kind of activity!

  2. It was my first time doing some of them!