Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Indonesia - Telaga Warna and Kawah Sikidang

After our visit in Candi Arjuna Complex, we moved on to explore another attraction in Dieng Plateau, Telaga Warna. Known in English as the Colourful Well, this lake is a popular tourist destination in the region. 

Telaga Warna

It is known as Telaga Warna because of its fluctuating colours. This is a natura phenomenon where the water of the lake gives off different colours at different times or days. It might be green, yellow or any other colours in the rainbow. On the day of our visit, the lake decided to give us a greenish water.

Does the water appears greenish to you?

Group shot

This natural lake is rather beautiful. To look at the peaceful water surrounded by the lush green of the forest, breathing the unpolluted air, it is such a privilege. It is said that due to the high content of sulfur in the water, you might notice some bubbling in the middle of the lake. We didn't see that but when we went circling around the lake, we stumbled upon a section where the pungent smell of sulfur lingered in the air and that there were bubbles around the water. The smell was so strong we can't stay there for long.

Strong smell of sulfur

Bubbles caused by the high sulfur content

Telaga Warna also has a few ancient caves situated around the lake. These caves are often used for religious purposes as seen with the stone statue of Hindu deities. Even though there is not much to see, this place is worth exploring just for the peaceful atmosphere. The entrance fee for Telaga Warna is IDR 6,000 per person.

One of the few caves in the park

A stone statue

The final stop in Dieng Plateau was the Kawah Sikidang or Sikidang Crater. Despite being inactive for centuries, there are still a few volcanic craters in Dieng Plateau and one of them is Sikidang Crater.

Kawah Sikidang

Steam was rising from the ground

The main reason to visit this crater is to witness the rising of steams from the ground. However, during our visit, we didn't stay long as it started to rain heavily after we arrived not too long later. We just had a look before taking the taxi and heading to Magelang to our hotel.



  1. Though near to Malaysia, I love Indonesia for its wonderful nature wonders. From one end to another, the views are totally different!

  2. I too like to explore Indonesia. It's cheap and has many sights and sounds worth looking at..